The club has several club boats for the use of its members. These are split into 2 categories based on age and condition.

Recreational Boats

These are generaly the older club boats and are in general free to use by any club member at any time.

These boats may be loaned to 1 person for a season. This person takes responsibility for the boat for the season looking after it and maintaining it. For this they have first right to use the boat for the whole season.

To adopt one of these boats please contact William McTurk.

These boats are kept in the North Dinghy park and include – 420, Mirror, Nimbus, Toppers, Lasers.

Training boats

These boats are relatively new and in a good state of repair. They include the Topper Omega and Topper Topaz training boats. In order to maintain these boats in this condition and to help cover the costs of insurance and renewal these boats have the following policy.

The boats are for the use of club members for the purpose of training. This can either be during a recognised training event or for taking part in club racing.

If there is a recognised event taking place this takes preference on the use of the boats and the boats will be distributed to those people taking part in the event by the instructor on the day of the training.

If there is no formal training taking place then the boats can be hired by club members who have been cleared to use the boats by one of the following persons( Ian Ellis, William McTurck, Beverly Ellis, Kevin Davidson, Claire Laurie, Stuart Urquhart, Richard Urquhart). (The recognised level of competence to hire a boat is RYA level 2.)

There will be a sign out book in the club where the boats can be pre booked by those members cleared to do so (The book will include a cover page identifying those members eligible to book at boat). A Parent or Guardian is resposible for signing out a boat for any child under the age of 16 and is responsible or the vessel during use.

There will be a small hire charge of £5 per boat / day to cover insurance and maintenance. (payable over the bar at the time of booking)

The boat is the responsibility of the person who signs the boat out and should be looked after in a responsible manner. The boat should be rinsed with fresh water thoroughly after use and any damage should be noted in the hire book. Failure to do this may result in the person being banned from using the boats in future.

The boats will be stored in the south dinghy park with all sails stored in the large bosun’s shed. 

Hire Form


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